Rapid prototyping was group of techniques that were used to make quickly fabricate on a scale model for a physical part, Or you can say it was assembly using  3-dimensional computer that aided design data. Making parts or assembling is usually done with using 3D printing of "additive layer manufacturing (ALM)" technology.

First methods of rapid prototyping did become available in late 1980's. They were used for producing models and prototyping parts. Today, these are used for some wide range of applications. Or these are used now to manufacturing production-quality parts in others relatively some small numbers. If these are desired now without the typical unlikely short-run economics. Now this economy has encouraged a online service bureaus these days. Historical surveys related to RP technology is start with differently discussions for simulacra production techniques that were used by 19th-century. Some modern sculptors now use the progeny that is also a technology for producing exhibitions. Now the ability to reproducing designs from a new data set that has given rise of new issues of rights, And now  it is possibly interpolate volumetric data for one-dimensional images.